Data Management

With our data management system, manage and streamline yourdata so that your company is more dynamic.

Krystal Communication, Inc. takes pride in ethical business reputation, and our stringent policies are designed to take a firm stance against spam and spam laws in different countries/continents where we deal in marketing database. Our advanced technology platform is designed with compliance in mind: it gives our customers leading-edge tools to expand their business opportunities and maximize their return on investment, without the distraction of compliance concerns. Krystal Communication Inc ensures a low bounce back rate with our data by verifying every month and updating the last clicked and last opened details with each contact in our database.

Roughly around 5% of the data becomes bad every month. This is how it is

  • A new business opens every minute
  • A business files bankruptcy every 8 minutes
  • A business closes every 3 minutes
  • A suit, lien or judgment is filed against a company every 14 seconds
  • A chief executive officer changes every minute
  • A company name changes every 2 minutes

So that makes 3.94% bad records out of 23 million data every month that we should update. Add another 1.60% because of the factors below:

  • In a year, 20.7% of the business postal addresses on your file will have changed. If your customers are small or new business, the rate is higher, at 27.3%.
  • Phone numbers change at the rate of 18% overall, and 22.7 % among new businesses. No wonder your Sales force is always complaining that your data is no good (although they probably use more colorful words, not suited for a professional publication like DIRECT).

So it’s every month more than 5% to 6.50% data quality depreciation happens considering all the above factors

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