Re-branding Service

Does your present Brand feel stale – not like it used to attract clients? Change as your market changes.

Typically, growing companies broaden their product and service lines to be up to date and appropriate to customer requirements. This natural progress is leading to obsolete product names that no longer match, sound old or worse, confuse clients with who they are and what they are doing. This evolution in corporate development often requires a company to be rebranded.

The fresh company title should represent the key characteristics and capacities of the company when contemplating rebranding. These kinds of business designations are timeless, durable and expandable as the business expands.

Re-branding services deliverables

  • Discovery of brand and analysis of requirements
  • Budget and schedule determination
  • Identifying key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Prioritizing the strengths and attributes of the company
  • Finalizing the branding criteria
  • Trademark research and domain availability
  • Customized logo development and corporate identity
  • Finalization of all art files and domain transfer

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