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Privacy Policy is an intrinsic part of the agreement between us and you regarding the use of the website(s). This policy briefs you about who are we, and how do we process your personal data, and also issues concerned towards your personal data. In any matter you are the subject, you are clearly briefed about, know your personal data rights. In case of any queries, you can contact us click here to reach us.

We bound to reserve the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason.  You can find the latest revised Privacy Policy dated at the beginning.

Who are we?  Know about us

We are Krystal Communication Inc. You can better know us by our contact details at the end of the policy.

We are in-charge and in control in relation towards the personal data processed in amends with this policy. (Except wherein, the policy explains states otherwise).

We may fetch and operate your personal data related to you, if you are,

Facts or Information which we deny to preserve- Children under 13years

We never market or do not collect personal information from children under the age 13. In case, if we come across such information has been rendered without the parental consent, we will immediately take steps to remove such information.

Personal data we tend to collect about you

The data what we perceive might be obtained directly from you or from a different source.  The data we collect might include:

Our Cookies

The policy for processing the personal data is explained in our Cookie Policy, so you can refer for queries and clarification.

Why do we need your personal data?

Reasons why we process your personal data:

Whom do we share your personal data?

We tend to make other disclosures

Third parties may receive your personal details in case we disclose it on necessary conditions.

What are the legal actions for our processing your personal data?

We rely on the factors,

We will take prior consent from you in necessary conditions (direct marketing) in order for us to be allowed to do it. The process includes your permission to further process it. How to revoke your consent method.

Does the data we process have an expiry date?

Yes, we will retain and manage your personal data up to 3 years. Every data we collect has a reason, so when we get through the need of collection, we will delete it or archive it. In case a need may arise to continue the process and also issues like compliance with legal obligations if we are subject to matter or any legitimate and lawful purpose we may need it.

Where in do we process your personal data?

Know your personal data rights?

You may request access to the personal data concerned. It’s your right of access to your personal data

You can claim to stop the processing of your personal data related to you on the prior basis consent of processing. Any time you can revoke your consent how to revoke your consent method, respecting your requests, the process will be stopped.

In case you are not satisfied and have a complaint about the way we process your personal data you can reach us.  Or you can contact your local regulator if you are located in EU.

You can revoke your consent to any issues towards processing of personal data:

It’s your right of access to your personal data

You can reach your right of access to your personal data:

We may request you to provide your identity, in order of confirm and process you with the information of your request.

Reach usYou can find us here to contact us.

Krystal Communication Inc

10685- B, Hazlehurst Dr.

Houston, Tx 77043

Policy Changes

In future if we make changes to our privacy policy, it will be posted on this page and in where appropriated, will be notified to you by email. Please check to see any updates or changes towards our privacy policy.

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