Prepping up for GDPR

Krystal Communication Inc. is serious (bound and determined) about the Data Privacy.

Let’s know what’s GDPR?

GDPR is a regulation in the European Union and the European Economic Area, for individual’s personal data privacy and protection. The GDPR law is getting legalized across European Union and the European Economic Area.

The GDPR aims in primarily providing control to each individual over their personal data and privacy.

Krystal Communication Inc. will process personal information in the form of data, both as a data controller and as data processor by taking the responsibility under the GDPR law. We have undertaken few activities to implement the new law.

  • We conduct an audit on our global processing activities
  • We perform a valuation of personal data breaches and security assessment across the group
  • We regularly update policies, procedures and as well in our training's. Please CLICK HERE to find the current Privacy Policy.
  • We have indemnity clause binding our third party vendors working as personal data processors and sub data -processors.
  • We regularly update the usage of cookie policy and related technology holding good for our business website, promotional emails and also towards procedures involving clients to voice their marketing communication preferences. Please CLICK HERE to know more about the cookies policy

How is Krystal Communication, Inc. committed (responsible) towards the data subjects and towards their customers?

Krystal Communication Inc is committed towards complying the needs of the GDPR. This briefs you about our commitment towards the processing of data for our customers.

  • We process the personal data, what you owe and are responsible as an individual at your application request in terms of usage we possess with you, might be a written document or as per the law defines.
  • We take measures in implementing the technical and organizational measures to provide the security in safeguarding the risks which may arise at the time of processing. It may be an End Point Security, Server & Gateway Level IT Security at the receiving ends of our premises. We have implemented encrypted password rules, updates of anti-virus on regular basis, protection through Encryption, enabling security with Secure Sockets Layer and virtual private network for external client’s access through wireless and wired infra networks to our central systems, which includes access control, CPM, policies and any training with others.
  • We have security gateways denying access from illegitimate use of data from unauthorised personnel ensuring confidentiality.
  • We are engaging with sub data-processors in assisting you in executing the services delivered to you only with permission. We are in charge of the sub data -processors to rules with no less arduous than the commitment made to you.
  • Krystal communication will not consciously target individuals toward breaches of GDPR. You are always notified in case we come across that your instruction goes adverse against GDPR permits.
  • We will always help you in accomplishing the application request by data owners (individuals) to operate their GDPR rights or regulatory applications
  • We will intimate you, if we come across any data breaches or suspected data breaches that may lead you to risk or might lead you in data compromising.
  • We take care by ensuring and safeguarding your data legally, when it needs to be transferred out of the European Union and the European Economic Area

The above mentioned listing is not comprehensive and Krystal Communication, Inc. has the duty of commitment in meeting its responsibility as personal data processor towards our clients and their customers under the GDPR regulations.

For any queries regarding our data privacy with the GDPR approach, please contact us at privacy@krstalcommunication.comand our team will help you in clearing your queries

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